The Son of God: Christianity Before Christianity – 1

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Osiris and Christianity – The Christian Adoption of Egyptian Iconography, Symbolism, and Myth. The Christian adoption of Egyptian myth. How early Christianity grafted the Egyptian Isis – Osiris symbols and stories on to the newly forming Christian religion.

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16 Replies to “The Son of God: Christianity Before Christianity – 1”

  1. Sorrym a whole lot of myths created here. Constantine's council didn't define Christianity and it didn't establish the biblical canon either. The emperor was baptized on his death bed by an Arian bishop–the faith that lost out at Nicaea.

  2. ancient egypt was a continuation of a religious system that existed since the beginning of time ie. tens to hundreds of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of years ago.

  3. Many who left and did not agree on the creed of Nicea were NOT Executed.. more 'Discovery' horse shit.. that 's gets it wrong again…

    While the creed of the council was its central achievement, it was
    not the only thing that the bishops accomplished during their meeting.
    Twenty canons were presented dealing with various disciplinary issues
    within the church. Of most interest to us today was the sixth, which
    read as follows:
    "Let the ancient customs in Egypt, Libya, and Pentapolis prevail, that
    the Bishop of Alexandria have jurisdiction in all these, since the like
    is customary for the Bishop of Rome also. Likewise in Antioch and the
    other provinces, let the Churches retain their privileges."
    This canon is significant because it demonstrates that at this time
    there was no concept of a single universal head of the church with
    jurisdiction over everyone else.

    And……. there was still and is today diversity in the theology, disagreement in
    interpretation and not what this video represents as truth… truthful yes to some extent but there are still today Churches which recognize only the teachings of single apostles.

  4. It is amazing that all these fake religions require an evil to exist. It is like the American government that requires an enemy in order to satisfy the oligarchs and their investments in weapon manufacturing. God does not require an evil to conquer.

  5. The narrator talks a lot without evidence/proof. Anyone can make a documentary and say whatever they want. Show where all this is recorded…….

  6. where are the sources? This is a total lie and has no merit. Jesus is the only way to salvation. Satan is a liver who deceives many.

  7. Europeans are always in places they don't belong…stealing and corrupting everything this is why they were pushed out into Europe…..ever since their wicked doings started the world has been in complete chaos…there will be no peace just continuous wars…they white wash and take the cultures of the original people and act like it's theirs and act like nothings wrong this is a cancerous state of mind These ppl have no originality this is why they are still in Africa so curiously observing and trying to understand the doings of the ancient ones…but this will go on for so long…remember theses words

  8. Cari:  If Christians do not condone child abuse, then why do they worship an entity that sanctioned and ordered it?

  9. Freke and Gandy make assertions about Mithras that flatly contradict what few hard facts we have about this cult. Mithras was not an identi-kit Baby Jesus.

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