RWW News: John Hagee Says The Crisis In Ukraine Is The Beginning Of The Last Days

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45 Replies to “RWW News: John Hagee Says The Crisis In Ukraine Is The Beginning Of The Last Days”

  1. Hagee and all of his modern eschatolotard predecessors have been whistling
    this song ever since the formation of the Soviet Union in 1922. “The
    Soviet Union is Magog! The end is nigh! Armageddon is just around the
    corner!” This fundie fueled future fantasy hit its first high after the
    establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. These guys have been
    drooling for Jesus to pop in any day now for a visit ever since.
    The end is always near with these clowns. The only things that change with
    these Tribulation twits are the guys who keep claiming it and the signs
    (world events) that point to it every decade. Just as creatards do their
    best to twist science into some alternate state of reality to make it fit
    their scriptures, eschatolotards choose to grab hold of any ominous
    political events and try to mold them into some bizarre end time paradigm .
    I am sure when this so called Russian lead army and farcical coalition
    consisting of the nations of Germany, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Algeria, Iraq,
    Sudan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, Somalia, UAE, Jordan
    Libya, Palestine, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, Mauritania, Qatar , Bahrain,
    Djibouti, and Comoros *never happens*, you will just change the players at
    a new date based on the political upheavals at that time and claim that
    you *”know”* you got it right this time for sure because *the bible*backs up your new interpretation.

    The end is nigh! And it always will be!
    Thank god for the short memories of your listeners, right John?
    The only prophetic words coming from you that they remember, are your
    newest “updated” ones.

    Hey John! What ever happened to the Chinese? 30 years ago or so, they
    were included in your little latter day God vs the Anti-Christ game of

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  3. Thanks for the tip, John. I know I can rely on you because so many of your
    predictions have been so reliable over the past several decades. :))

  4. The latest hit from John “Hitler was doing God’s work by driving the Jews
    to Israel” Hagee.

    RWW News: John Hagee Says The Crisis In Ukraine Is The Beginning Of The
    Last Days

  5. On a side note, god is your healer and provider. Except if you fat and wear
    glasses. The bible god can’t fix eyes. 

  6. I love how he ignores that the Biblical prophecy specifically mentions
    Israel, which has nothing to do with the Ukraine crisis whatsoever.

  7. How many times do they have to predict the end times until the Christian
    sheeple wake up?

  8. Hagee is an extremely well-documented charlatan. And, let’s be very clear
    about what’s in the Bible: tribal Jewish mythology from the BRONZE AND
    IRON AGES. Those time periods have ZERO relevance to the world in the
    21st century.

  9. How many times are they going to destroy the world? I learned of many times
    past before my birth and several times during my life. The most famous
    being 1999 into 2000. Another was the peace process between Israel and
    Palestine. Then the election of BARACK OBAMA. LAST was 12,12,12 and
    12,21,12. I think after all of these revelations GOD gave to these people
    it’s clear he’s playing a big joke on their ass. 

  10. Wait…. you’re telling me, THE modern day embodiment of Chicken Little
    says the sky is falling??????????? I really wish y’all could see my
    SHOCKED face right now!
    This fucking clown has made millions with this exact shtick. Every few
    years he sees proof of his beloved end times. If I were devoid of morals,
    I would have copied this windbag almost 20 years ago, and been a very rich
    man by now.

  11. If I had a dollar for every time this asshole said some modern event had
    something to do with the bible, I’d be on the Forbes top 100 list.

  12. Russian Bear wanting to be a global super power? They are and have been
    for a while now. I knew this was coming. I was wondering when the
    post-diction would start and the retroactive prophecies.

  13. Because *insert bible figure here* very clearly states: vaguery, vaguery,
    vaquery. Therefore Jesus!

  14. How much of that zionist money went towards your mansion and cars eh? This
    man’s god hates everyone BUT israel, take your bronze age interpretation of
    the bible and stick it up your abnormally bloated arse!

  15. Yeah, the Bible “clearly says” they will come riding horses, and will
    attack Israel, and his name is Gog coming from Magog” from “the far north”.

    Which “clearly means”, they will come riding tanks to bloodlessly take hold
    of Crimea, and his name is Putin who is coming from Russia, which is less
    than “20 miles east” of Crimea at the Strait of Kerch.

    Pretty damn clear, alright.

  16. Every time there is a crisis one of these idiots pretend it’s the beginning
    of Armageddon. It’s been going on for decades now.
    How is this crisis different from the previous one and the one before?

  17. Gee, I read the bible and I don’t remember God destroying those countries.
    Maybe he has a more modern version.

  18. Being we know the earth is round, unlike the people who wrote the old
    testament, the Far North would technically be the North Pole. Because the
    description of the illusive place Magog could quite easily describe
    Greenland, Scandinavia, Canada and the USA.

  19. No John, no. You’re wrong. The prophet Ezekiel very clearly does not say
    anything about ‘Iran, the arabic nations, Libya, Germany, Turkey and
    Russia’. If ‘the prophet’ Ezekiel had said ‘in 2014 Libya, Iran, Germany,
    Turkey and Russia will attack Israel’ well dam son! Then your claims might
    be more convincing. But Ezekiel didn’t say it did he John? So you’re just
    full of shit aren’t you John?

  20. Yeah, this preacher would know, huh? He’s the same one who got in hot
    water for using his prophetic books to call the Catholic church “the great

  21. well while you guys try and figure what to do during the tribulation john
    will be sitting back in heaven saying HEY doe doe you should have listened 

  22. We know it’s the last days because there is conflict far north of Israel.
    But where are the horses? I see moltov cocktails but no horses.

  23. Why doens’t God just give all these bad guys heart attacks so the drama
    doesn’t have to play out? Why the theatrics??

  24. Hagee says that in the Bible people are going to use swords. Are countries
    going to use swords to fight these epic battles? Strange man.

  25. What I think we can infer from this video is that John Hagee is a proponent
    of recreational marijuana use.

  26. John, I know that you quote a lot of the old testament in your teachings.
    Can you tell your audience what the penalty is for being a false prophet?

  27. The list of countries that Hogee recites at 1:00 ”
    Russia, Iran, The Arabic Nations, Libya, Germany and Turkey” are none of
    them cited by *ANY* of the Old Testament prophets. I suppose that it would
    be acceptable to stretch Iran out of the old Persian Empire, but Germany?
    The nomadic goat herders of bronze age Israel didn’t even know that Europe

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