Nathan Morris preaching on Secret Sins

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please guys watch this i uploaded it so you might see its important a powerful teaching that can change your life by Nathan Morris.

42 Replies to “Nathan Morris preaching on Secret Sins”

  1. He doesn’t have the power in himself, but God can use people. God’s power can move through people and He (God) can heal through someone’s obedience to let Him use them.

  2. This man can not have GODS POWER 2 HEAL! He better not ever TOUCH ME. sooooo emabarrassing! Greed of money! The act of show… You will reap what you sow!!!!!!!!!

  3. My favorite preacher, so much passion when he preaches, it ignites a fire inside of my heart

  4. FIRST of all ‘WE ARE NOT A SPIRIT OF FEAR, but of POWER,, LOVE AND A SOUND MIND” People WANT REVIVAL but they don’t want to PAY THE PRICE and that is INTERCEEDING ! God will HONOR you if you SEEK GOD’S FACE and the others have to LET GO OF WHAT OTHERS THINK OF THEM ! to keep their eyes on GOD and NOT ON THE CIRCUMSTANCES sister, that is what you NEED TO PREACH about and that they are STOPPING THE MOVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT as they are NOT IN UNITY with you but AGAINST YOU and that is NOT OF GOD !

  5. the sad thing is that the churchch today doesnt like or cant handle this kinda and its really sad i commend this man of GOD

  6. ask yourself whats more important the thoughts of the ones who dont want it or the ones who do? Obviously it is needed because its in your heart to do so and Satan doesn’t want you to do it and when your doing Gods work you do whatever it takes to get His work done

  7. Greeting of peace,
    On December 21, 2006, God revealed the truth that image or statue liken Jesus is idol! This truth is the key to open the prophecy of Act 17:29-31, now God commandeth all men everywhere to repent.
    Then in the last of March 2009 through Act 17:29-31, God reveals His secret wisdom that hidden since centuries in the Scripture (Isa 45:3), the secret wisdom that therefore Christ died on the cross (1 Cor 2:7-8), an Evidence (John 18:37).
    go to:

  8. God is not limited by the ones that are not seeking. He will come if you will seek His face. Let the Holy Spirit deal with those that are afraid. Begin to pray for them that God would open their eyes. When it comes. They will see.

  9. a broken and contrite heart God will not despise. Without brokenness, men will go on their merry sinful ways, without repentance, all the way to hell.

  10. Fear not of the unknown, our God is in full control. Just desire His presence and everything just falls into place because He is there with you, all the way. And what an exciting journey it will be!

  11. Ok – SO this is my situation. I am a minister in a church where I live, its a good size congregation. SOme brothers & sisters in the Lord along w/myself are seeking 4revival – however more are NOT seeking & amongst those are those that don’t because of FEAR, fear of the unknown, fear of those that would take advantage of situation, those that will act just STRANGELY. I don’t know quite what to do for those that ARE seeking are STARVING – I am just seeking so that He will use ME – 4 I am ready 🙂

  12. God bless u man.. being in india i needed everybit of it.. God works in mysterious ways only He knows how a video recorded more than a year ago can touch a young man in southern india.. The blood of Jesus cleansed me .. hallelujiah!

  13. Jesus loves you! Don’t forget to tell others about Jesus, especially the people on the street and your enemies. God has put everyone in your life for a reason. You can change the lives of the people God has put in your life! Show them the love that Christ has shown you.

  14. Haha everytime when Revival brake out then all religious devils will show up.
    God will ignite young people and they will cast out all demons!

  15. Say it, say it!! We can’t hide ANYTHING… this was raw and uncut and is what is needed in the church today. God help us!!

  16. So many people are wanting to hear watered down messages and sugar coated sermons, but what they need to hear is the raw word of God and this great man of God is giving those raw sermons and those people get offended by it, but they need to get over it! So God can do a working in their life. God bless. All the glory to God!

  17. AdriAkaAdrika, They have not being there but i am weeping as i am writing, you have to feel what he is talking about before you can comprehend it, their time will come and they will regret saying things they are saying now.
    I am not at his level yet but definately will get there, God of heaven is taking me into his court yard. God bless this man, may his fire for Jehovah EL ELYON EVER KEEP BURNING.


  19. As Nathan says we have to stop sugar coating the gospel. Where are the signs and wonders that follow the preaching of this kind of Gospel, ive not seen any have you? I want this fire to take to my church. God bless you Nathan.

  20. “God doesnt desire that any should perish, but that ALL should come to a knowledge of salvation in Christ Jesus”
    There is no generation gap in the body of Christ. This was something devised by social engineers to make it easier to train up the younger generation in the doctrines of globalism, by ridiculing parental authority, eroding traditional Biblical morality, and replacing it with man centred theories that promote aetheism, perversion, self centred pleasure-seeking etc….

  21. God does not judge anyone from where they come from, its where their heart is at this time and Nathan’s heart is towards God! Nathan might have lost his way by that time but now God is doing a wonderful thing through him! So don’t hold a past of one person, but see the present of that person! If u r a christian read about Paul’s story, if you’re not am sure god himself will reveal the truth to you!

  22. Unfortunately, the same spirits that have always been will be…anti-Christ and/or Christ-haters. The word says that in the last days they will be haters of Christ and lovers of themselves. Just don’t stop praying for their precious souls.

  23. and to tell you something else. When you were without Christ you were just as big of a “Scum Bag” as the people from Sheffeild. If your going to judge then you need to be able to justify it. You cannot judge an entire group of people. and you dont know their hearts. Unrighteous judgment is just as bad as murder my friend.

  24. everyone has a past. The blood of Christ is enough not matter what. Let me tell you something, just because you think he is a worse person than you doesnt mean anything. Hatred is murder in the eyes of God. Just because a man has a past doesnt mean he cant be saved. Jesus didnt come for perfect people. He came for sinners. I trust nathan. because he is a man of God. On fire. Holy Ghost filled. Its where he is going. Not where he has been.

  25. Nathen is from Sheffield….I know that seems exotic to American people…but let me tell you something, never trust anyone from there. If you knew how they grew up, and the scumbags that are there, you wouldn’t trust him. Go there, ask the people who grew up with him, they will tell you what a lying scumbag he is.

  26. Jesus is a swindler, he’s only a man on his time that can talk and make people believe him so much. who the one can guarantee that maria is a virgin when she give birth to jesus. its so obvious that jesus is a bastard. i’m glad jew cross him.
    fucking jesus, shit, jesus is a fag, he lower than a dog!
    i say if he really coming again to the world we cross him again

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