Pastor Kelvin E. Shouse – Calvary Covenant Fellowship Church

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Pastor Kelvin E. Shouse
Calvary Covenant Fellowship
2207 East Green Drive
High Point North Carolina 27265
(336) 885-6485
Calvary Covenant On Facebook

Sundays at 12 Noon (EST)

Pastor Shouse is a native of Winston Salem, North Carolina, and serves as the senior pastor of Calvary Covenant Fellowship Church,  formerly Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church.

Kelvin E. Shouse, accepted the Lord as his the early age of seven, and was empowered to operate in the giftings of the Lord by age twelve. Having spent his entire life in Church, Pastor Shouses messages are birthed out of suffering and the perplexities that life may bring. He has been challenged in the church and out of the church as well. These experiences cause him to minister with intensity and to magnify the urgency of the gospel.

Pastor Shouse is an advocate of Education and has matriculated at some of the most pristine Educational Institutions. He is an alumnus of Piedmont Bible College, Forsyth Technical College, Bethel Bible College,  University of Southern California Theology, and, Shaw University. He is presently a student at A and T State University, and has obtain, Undergraduate Degrees, in Sociology and Theology. He also has a Masters Degree in Divinity and A Masters Degree in Sociology. He has earned two Doctoral Degrees, in Divinity and a Doctorate of Ministry.  He also has an Honorary Doctoral Degree fromSaint Thomas Bible College.

It was evident as a child that the Hand of the Lord was upon his life. As a child he began to work in the local Mt. Calvary Holy Church where Bishop H.I. Williams and later Lady Shirley Caesar Williams served as Mentors and Pastors. Having spent his entire life in the church, he has operated in almost every capacity of the church giving him unique insight and ability to operate and minister to every aspect of church ministry. It was through this development that he was trained as Choir director, Praise and worship leader, Minister, Youth Pastor, counselor, preacher and Bible Teacher.

In 1991 he was appointed to serve along the side of Pastor Shirley Caesar Williams as she became the Pastor of Mt. Calvary Holy Church Raleigh NC.  While building the ministry Pastor Caesar consecrated Elder Shouse to serve as the Co-Pastor of the church, introducing him into the Pastorate.

In 1992, after the unexpected death of former Pastor William Lax, Pastor Shouse was appointed as Pastor of Mt. Calvary High Point N.C., by Bishop Frizelle Yelverton. Under his leadership the church grew from eighteen to a viable, standing and well respected ministry in High Point and the surrounding Triad area. The ministry has added many viable community and area training initiatives and programs to its ministry under his leadership.

Pastor Shouse life has been mentored and sharpened by many great leaders and Pastors. Some of these include his God Father Bishop Alfred Owens (senior Pastor Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church, Washington DC), Bishop H.I. Williams (Presiding Prelate and Pastor of Mt. Calvary Holy church of America), Bishop F.D. Patterson (Presiding Prelate of Ambassador for Christ Ministries), Lady Shirley Caesar-Williams, Elizabeth Wright, Deacon Tommy Wright, Deacon Willie B. Montgomery, Bishop J.U. Roberts, Mother Helen Cloud (His Grandmother) and his sainted Mother, Portia Cloud Shouse Boyd.

These represent a small number of persons who have shared in mentoring and molding Pastor Shouse, in instilling character, servitude and integrity as a man of God.

His main objective as a servant of God is to the faithful preaching of the redemptive Word of God to all mankind. Pastor Shouse desire’s the Deliverance of God’s people from their bondages and from the clutches of their adversaries. His messages are birthed out of suffering and perplexities of life, his sufferings have added to his dependency and love for the gospel as well as to the Unique anointing that has been placed on his life.Pastor Shouse is noted for his unique message of deliverance and for the intensity of the anointing that God has placed upon his life.

He has received many secular awards and commendations for his civic and community service. He has received numerous, Mayoral commendations for his work in High PointNorth Carolina as well as in Winston-Salem NC.

Pastor Shouse served as Convention Coordinator for Mt. Calvary Holy Church, of Americaand as the Administrative Assistant to the North Carolina Jurisdictional Bishop Harvey Rice; He served the National Organization as National Choir Director. He has served as The Administrative assistant to the Presiding Prelate Bishop Williams.

He is a visionary and serves as the founder of In Covenant Fellowship Ministries, Inc. A branch of the ministry that allows him to serve as a friend, advisor, mentor among pastors and independent leaders.

He is an intricate, part of WAR Fellowship, which is under the leadership of Bishop Nathan Anderson, based out of Charlotte NC, where he serves along side of the pastors of the fellowship.

It is his Intent to preach the Gospel, with the express purpose of speaking prophetically into the lives of the Body of Christ, bringing restoration, healing, and reconstruction to the Body of Christ and to his Kingdom of dear Priest. It is evident that God has impregnated him with an impacting life changing word and an impacting anointing to usher a move of God in this age of Kingdom.

Pastor Shouse is the father of , Brandel and Jeremy Shouse and the proud grandfather of Zion Q. Barrino, (Daughter of famed, American Idol Winner, Fantasia Barrino).