HAGEE HOTLINE: John Hagee on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine (March 4 2014)

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Highlights from Pastor John Hagee’s commentary on current events with Russia from the Hagee Hotline on GETV. Want the full episode? Go to GETV.org and regist…

16 Replies to “HAGEE HOTLINE: John Hagee on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine (March 4 2014)”

  1. The Jews ARE NOT the Israelites of the Bible. The Jews “claim” to be the
    tribe of Judah, although most Jews just say they are all of Israel. The
    Jews are neither the house of Israel nor are they the house of Judah. The
    translators of the Bible substituted Jew for Judah (on purpose), in fact
    the Jews were at war with Israel even before they split into two houses.
    The true Israelites are a Caucasian, Indo-European people with their
    origins going back to ancient Sumeria. Even before the house of Israel was
    taken captive by the Assyrians and later Judah by the Babylonians, they
    were colonizing Europe. For over a thousand years the Jews have been kicked
    out of every major European country (and for good reason). After the Jews
    took over Russia in 1917, the Jewish ran NKVD and Cheka starved and
    murdered over 40 million Christian Russians, Ukrainians and other people of
    eastern Europe before and after WW2 but only after most of the people were
    disarmed. It’s the communist Jews who are behind pushing to have us
    disarmed in AmeriKa today. Even before world war 2 started Jews in Poland
    under the protection of the Polish army murdered 58,000 ethnic Germans in
    the Danzig corridor. In one day they murdered 1,000 people. You are a LIAR
    John Hagee and you will burn! 

  2. Thank you & Amen! I am praying for our nation.
    *This is the year of VICTORY over death & manifested LOVE!
    Love & Light! Stephanie

  3. These Church Kikes go around teaching the Esau edomite Jews are the chosen,
    and the Israelite Galilean white man YAHWASUA the Christ-aka Jesus was a
    Jew are liars, and false prophets. Jews are of their father the devil-John
    8:31-47 Jews are of Cain-Canaanites, and Esau who married into the Cain
    lineage. Jews are usurpers that usurped the Israelite priesthood, and are
    born on fornication.

  4. That nation is Russia. And Russia in the process of Christian rebirth. Ban
    on Gay and Pedophiles and many other things worthy of praise. While Hagee
    plays dumb ,while his Torah friends run Hollywood (All it’s morally
    corrupting movies), Porn industry, US Congress and last but not least, The

  5. I Love you.
    1) Masonic Gehazian satanist conceal is Ku.Klux.Klan
    2) Masonic G. satanist reveal is Kabbalah.Kippah.Khazars.
    Tulmud -Ashkenazi Ph.D. Horold Brackman’s The Ebb and Flow… 1977 doctoral
    dissertation.I quote an American ” it’s a must read”.
    3) The white male’s shamite Talmud vs Torah’s Shemite confirmed by the
    indications of Human.Genographic.Project.from genetic scientist Spencer
    Wells) to be biblically one of the three Human i.e.black,brown genesis
    being life branches of Shem,Ham,Japheth.

  6. Pastor Hagee, I am hopeful you read this comment. I can’t believe you are
    so pro american but then you are american. Let’s start from the beginning.
    of this millennium. America invades Afghanistan followed by Iraq killing
    hundreds of thousands innocent civilians. For the rest of the decade
    america has been drone bombing and killing people (and american citizens)
    in Yemen. America never declared war on Yemen!! Where were you all of this
    decade? Did you not see this??? By the way drone strikes are still killing
    people in Pakistan against the will of the Pakistani government! The same
    is happening in Somalia and God knows where else. How is it that Obama got
    Nobel Peace Prize?? Jesus Christ the Lord !! When Russia takes a stand to
    protect its people out of a sudden you come out with this?? Why don’t you
    mention that the US was meddling in Ukrainian affairs? Why don’t you
    mention that the democratically elected government was overthrown by the so
    called opposition? Thanks God for Russia standing strong in Syria or it
    would end up with a puppet government such as in Libya!! Easter and
    southern Ukraine are all Russian native speakers therefore I and Russia
    don’t consider them Ukrainians. America is the biggest threat to world’s
    peace. This has to end !! PERIOD !! Russia and China are the only balance
    to the world of politics to date.
    WAKE UP !! I once was blind but now I can see…..

  7. I never understood why every slick talking motherfucker from Glenn Beck to
    this hack here has to equate everything with religion and or the end of
    time…. I mean don’t Christians believe they’re going to an unfathomably
    better place?! Why fuckin worry about… And why is it that everything bad
    thing that happens has to be because this country has turned its back on
    the “principals of righteousness”? Get a fuckin clue ass hats, the world
    has always been full of horrible shit. Its no better or worse today, except
    today you hear about it 3 minutes after it happens.. This country would be
    far better off if the Hagees and Becks would stop peddling this apocalyptic
    horse shit to troglodytes that can’t think for themselves. And as far as
    the end of the world voodoo, any fuckin day now?! Humans have the capacity
    to do so much good in the world but you know what keeps them from doing so?
    GREED, and every shit eating politician and religious fear mongers like
    most of em are. Americans waste 70+ billion tons of food per year! But
    those that starve are lazy and undeserving… “Christian” politicians have
    said this… I used to be a believer but today’s Christianity is fucked
    completely outta reality and bounds with their religion 

  8. wondering y this type of war is what people think brings the beast power?
    The beast power is the power that works to dismiss God’s laws and the
    testimony of Jesus Christ. Looks to me like we should be watching the idea
    we need to become a universal church under one rule ( or denomination ). A
    rule that teaches people to disobey God’s holy law, to cast it aside, to
    say they don’t matter, including having other gods before Him in idol
    worship, Mary worship, man appointed saint worship, and the claim they are
    able to change God’s set times and laws like the 7th day Sabbath changed to
    the day of the Sun. When Revelation warns us that even the elect will be
    deceived it gives us the picture the beast will be in the church. The women
    pictured in Revelation are the last 2 churches. Which one will you be apart
    of? The one who tramples the Lords comandments or will you be in the one
    who upholds them and holds tight to the testimony of Jesus Christ.

  9. Anyone will listen to John Hague has a very small mine and John Hague
    should not be a pastor all he teaches hate. God is about love and not hate,
    and what does the bible say about two living wife’s. 

  10. Why does Russia need to control Israel before controlling the Mid East ????
    Second Russia has it’s on oil and natural gas. From a geo political stand
    point Israel services no strategic interest invading Israel doesn’t make
    much scenes because there is nothing to gain by doing so. 


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